Greg Fletcher Button

Greg Fletcher

Victoria, AUS

Who is Greg?

Ian Dumergue Button

Ian Dumergue

Western Australia, AUS

Who is Ian?

Malcolm Fletcher Button

Malcolm Fletcher

Victoria, AUS

Who is Malcolm?

Robert Fletcher Button

Robert Fletcher

Victoria, AUS

Who is Robert?

Simon Hockey Button

Simon Hockey

South Australia, AUS

Who is Simon?

Stephen Forster Button

Stephen Forster

Victoria, AUS

Who is Stephen?


MacRobertson Shield 2017


Who plays for them?

Location Austrailia Croquet Association Logo

In 2016, the Australian Croquet Association selected Ian Dumergue (captain), Greg Fletcher, Malcolm Fletcher, Robert Fletcher, Simon Hockey, and Stephen Forster; and alternates Trevor Bassett, and Dwayne McCormick.

Order Tests 1, 2, and 3
1 Robert Fletcher
2 Simon Hockey
3 Ian Dumergue
4 Malcolm Fletcher
5 Greg Fletcher
6 Stephen Forster
1 Robert Fletcher
Malcolm Fletcher
2 Stephen Forster
Ian Dumergue
3 Simon Hockey
Greg Fletcher