MacRobertson Shield 2017

James Hopgood


James Hopgood Portrait

James discovered association garden Croquet in the summer of 1994 while at the University of Cambridge. The occasional biannual games played in the College gardens involved the stereotypical Oxbridge attributes: drink, beautiful scenery but slow lawns, tactical naivety, and debates over Law 4e. Upon moving to Edinburgh in 2004, James spotted, while buying in a local chip shop the Scottish delicacy known as a “rump chip steak”, an advert for a beginner’s course at the Meadows Croquet Club. Assuming this would be similar to his University Croquet experience, James visited hoping for more … only to discover flat lawns, proper hoops, bisques, coaching, a good social scene, and a thoroughly more interesting game than he thought imaginable. After entered his first advanced Association Croquet tournament in June 2006, James is now a regular on the UK tournament circuit, and thoroughly enjoys the competitive play, the lifesaving lunches, and the great company Croquet players provide. Some recent successes include winning the CA Chairman’s Salver for the second time in 2015, and two UK Regional Championships in the same weekend in 2016: The North of England, and South of England, naturally both finals being in one of the most southern parts of England. James is a lecturer at the University of Edinburgh and his research area is in Statistical Signal Processing, is married to Laura, and occasionally curls in the winter.

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