Aiken Hakes Button

Aiken Hakes

Wellington, NZL

Who is Aiken?

Chris Schilling Button

Chris Shilling

Otago, NZL

Who is Chris?

Greg Bryant Button

Greg Bryant

Nelson, NZL

Who is Greg?

Harps Tahurangi Button

Harps Tahurangi

Lower Hutt, NZL

Who is Harps?

Jenny Clarke Button

Jenny Clarke

Canterbury, NZL

Who is Jenny?

Joseph Hogan Button

Joseph Hogan

Gisborne, NZL

Who is Joseph?

Paddy Chapman Button

Paddy Chapman

Canterbury, NZL

Who is Paddy?

Toby Garrison Button

Toby Garrison

Wellington, NZL

Who is Toby?


MacRobertson Shield 2017

New Zealand

Who plays for them?

New Zealand Croquet Association Logo

In 2016, the New Zealand Croquet Association selected Jenny Clarke (Captain), Greg Bryant, Paddy Chapman, Aiken Hakes, Joseph Hogan, and Paul Skinley. In 2017, Paul Skinley was replaced by Chris Shilling, and Harps Tahurangi and Toby Garrison were added.